Restore Your Auto Frame With Precision

Restore Your Auto Frame With Precision

Learn about our auto frame repair services in Dundas, MN

If your car accident left you with a bent or cracked frame, you’ll need more than body work to take care of it. Instead of bringing your car to an underqualified auto repair shop, turn to R & D Automotive & Sales for car frame straightening. We have the skills and equipment needed to complete your auto frame repair with laser accuracy.

Reach out to R & D Automotive & Sales in Dundas, MN now to schedule a car frame straightening appointment.

We’ll return your car frame to its factory specifications

At R & D Automotive & Sales, we pride ourselves on being fully transparent when it comes to our auto frame repair costs. We’ll evaluate your damage and let you know whether we think the damage is worth repairing. If you choose to repair your car, our skilled crew in Dundas, MN will:

  • Secure your car on a laser frame rack
  • Use lasers to determine you car’s intended specifications
  • Straighten your frame until it meets those specifications

Call 507-334-8911 now to ask about the auto frame repair process. We’re always happy to answer your questions.